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We make ingredients ordering easier.

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We make placing and receiving orders more efficient. The Onres platform aligns ordering processes between restaurants, cafes, bars, and suppliers.


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You can save more than 4 hours a week.


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We make it easier to communicate and prevent misunderstandings.


Reduce waste

You can avoid order errors with accurate digitalized processes.


“ONRES really saves me time every day.”

“ It is enough to specify how much of the given raw material I need and I can already send the order. I don’t have to write a message or call everyone individually.”

Pizzaiolo Maestro, Digó Pizza Napoletana, (Budapest, Hungary)


For Restaurants

Manage your orders in seconds, without haste and missed items. On our free platform, you can place your order most efficiently to all your suppliers.

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For Suppliers

Regardless of the business size you can reduce the burden of administrative work and increase your revenue with our solution. You can keep your catalog up to date so that you always receive orders by product IDs.

We make your business relations more successful!


We are working for a more sustainable food supply chain

The food industry is one of the largest and least digitized industries in the world. This contributes to the fact that 30-40% of food produced in the world is waste, much of which is generated in supply chains before it reaches consumers.

Our mission is to reduce food waste and lower food prices with our digital solution, transforming one of the largest industries on earth.

Waste can be prevented, take the first step!

Collect all of your orders in one place.

Digitize your operations for efficiency.